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Why use Cotton for your stationery?

Printer & Co Cotton Challenge


The most discerning few choose cotton to write on.  The tactile touch has inspired the most intimate messages.  Read our blog below to find out why use Cotton for your personal stationery.

At the same time, we are passing the call-to-write to you: put on your thinking cap and write a one-liner and leave it as comment here or post on our Facebook's relevant section to tell us which feature makes cotton the most desirable material you write on.  

It can be ideas drawn from our blog, or anything else you think of.  Just make sure you 1) use tag #WriteMindfully, 2) follow our Facebook page and 3) Share our Blog or Facebook post.

The winning post will be drawn and will receive a box of Printer & Co goodies, including cotton lettersheets of your choice of alphabet.

You have until 20th May, 2016.

Many people ask why the fuss of insisting on using Cotton for writing.  We have been asked so many times this question that we decide to share with our Printer & Co community this little guarded secret behind using Cotton in our fine stationery collection.

Cotton paper is regarded as the ultimate media for written communication for its tactile quality, its strength, softness and durability in comparison to wood pulp-based alternative. It has traditionally been the choice of royalties, creative and intellectual people with exacting standards.

One of its most attractive features is that cotton paper does not turn yellow over time like its counterparts made with wood-pulp. The lignin in wood-based paper is a dark substance that makes paper yellow through exposure to air and sun, causing oxidation. In contrast, pure cotton paper does not contain lignin, hence it stays white and fresh.

Superior quality and features aside, we have other reasons to use cotton.

Cotton is 100% sustainable, biodegradable and renewable - a truly environmentally-friendly fibre, especially when found in paper.

Cotton is planted to supply the global demand for textile and only parts unused go into paper-making. So, no cotton in this world is ever planted for making paper alone, we are merely using materials that would otherwise go to waste.

So next time you press your pointed-pen onto your Printer & Co stationery, you can be sure that you are enjoying a moment of mindfulness without harm to our nature.

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