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5 reasons why I give my child his personalised notecards

There are more reasons than ever to start practising #SlowLiving at a young age.  One simple thing that I am doing is to pass on to my son (6 years old) the tradition of writing; starting with notecards. 

Just earlier this week, I was so pleased to see him write to our new neighbours whom he just met, inviting the sisters to go for a swim in the common pool of our residential block.  He then dropped the card into their mailboxes and has been checking for return mail.  So incredibly sweet. 

Besides my ulterior motive to keep my child away from smartphones and computer screens, here are my reasons to provide personalised notecards for my little one:

  1. Children of this generation will have a life-time to play with digital gadgets designed for a faster rather than slower lifestyle. So before I lose influence over what my child may choose to do, I choose to introduce the practice of art, craft, and cultural exploration to his everyday life outside of formal education, which I believe will be of enormous value to his well-being.
  1. Writing on paper fosters creativity .  Children are social beings who have an innate need to express themselves.  Having a stack of notecards handy on his desk encourages him to write and communicate, and as he does so, the creative process opens up his little mind and transports him to a world of boundless imagination.
  1. Expressing gratitude through writing is different from just saying 'please' and thank you'. Writing requires recalling memories and reflection.  The act of writing a thank-you note calls for our appreciation and deepens our sense of empathy.
  1. Personalised notecards give him a sense of pride.  That physical presence of a card with his name on it creates a strong personal identity and emotion.  A handcrafted letterpressed card made in pure cotton conveys a statement of understated elegance and quality.
  1. I don't want him to be just practically-minded. Writing notecards is an obsolete mode of communication these days, which is the exact reason why I want to see him practise it.  It is like reading a poem, which does not instantly improve his productivity or academic strength but cultivates something far deeper in our souls, bringing us closer to what life is all about. 

So while you think about setting up a Facebook or Instagram account for your children, think about getting some personalised notecards made for them.  Nothing feels better than getting a handwritten, personalised notecard from your loved ones.


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