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#SlowLiving Workshops designed to balance urban lifestyles

Celebrating the lost art of handwriting is at the heart and soul of Printer & Co. It is something that we are passionate about and that we believe goes hand-in-hand with the concept of #SlowLiving which in turn helps us make sense of today’s frantic world.

More than seven million people live in Hong Kong, the majority of them in high-cost, high-rise apartments. Everywhere you look in this densely populated city, you see evidence of a high-octane lifestyle. The list of examples is endless: people rushing off to meetings or the next brand event, commuters packed onto public transport (or perhaps the luckier ones being driven around in comfort), people taking pictures to share on social media, making reservations at newly-opened restaurants, spinning at the gym with a pumped-up personal trainer, or dashing off to the airport for a weekend getaway.

Between the cracks of this adrenaline-high lifestyle, everyone yearns for moments of solitude so that they can cultivate inner peace -- a genuine asset which is in deficit on many of our balance sheets. By regularly practicing #SlowLiving we can repay some of that deficit. It is like practicing deep breathing, the benefits of which are subtle but countless.

In the pursuit of our mission, we at Printer & Co have been offering #SlowLiving workshops to our inner circle of friends. We are not surprised when we hear people say that they emerge from these tranquil sessions feeling energised, revitalised and mentally better equipped to once again face the reality of their frantic, day-to-day lives.

Whether it is art, culture, creativity or play you are looking for, stay tuned for more about our upcoming line-up of #SlowLiving workshops and other activities.

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