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Original Chinese Characters by Freeman Lau

Spread Love, Joy and Peace to your family and friends through this unique set of three note cards.

Having won over 300 awards, Freeman Lau is a major figure in art and design in Hong Kong and China since 1980s. Many of his public art and sculpture designs are collected by international museums and private collections.

Originally created as a series of poster design called “Taiwan Image” in 1995, each new character, composed of three to eight characters of 19-26 strokes, is a clever overlapping of existing characters reaching into others’ blank space, to form a multi – layer concept:


The greatest LOVE of all is the love towards nature, which embraces the partnership of mankind and the environment on this plant.

樂- JOY

The greatest JOY is for each individual to process freedom and equality in every corner if the world.


The foundation of an ideal NATION is built on joy from its citizens who are bound together by peace – as a beginning of a united world.

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