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Inner Peace at our Summer #SlowLiving workshops 2016


In the past few months, we hosted a variety of #SlowLiving workshops offering calligraphy, watercolour and word art and in the process, created over 500 #SlowLiving hours.

The philosophy behind our workshops centres around the need for urban dwellers to take a pause to engage in a personal activity that requires skills and intense focus that put us into a state of mind called flow.  Typically, one can experience deep enjoyment and satisfaction, and delightfully, attain a new level of clarity of mind.  Building a regular rhythm of Slow Living elevates our inner peace and well-being.

Beyond the personal dimension, we find slow living a very good excuse for drawing in a community of not just art and craft practitioners, but also trendsetters who want to rediscover their creativity and dexterity in craft.  We did not realise how much we share as neighbours in the same city until we run into each other picking up a new hobby, new skills and sharing a moment of peace.

Visit our Facebook page for our photo album, sharing the lovely moments of our workshop series in the Summer of 2016 hosted at our popup in K11 Design Store and our atelier.

We are committed to offering worthwhile experiences to urban lifestyles through practising art and culture.  Stay tuned for our new #SlowLiving workshop series in Fall and in the meantime, we still have a few classes left before Summer ends running up to end of September. See you soon!

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