Sign up our #SlowLiving Workshops featuring Calligraphy, Watercolour Painting and Word Art.

Slow Living Workshops

Learn how to savour and be fully engaged in the moment.

Our frantic lives demand so much from us that we can often feel locked into a cycle of frustration, anxiety and stress, overwhelmed by technology, complexity and a 24/7 world.

At Printer & Co., we believe in structuring your life around meaningful fulfilment and slowing down, focusing on quality over quantity, leading a more balanced life and pursue a more holistic sense of well being. The solution is to pay attention in the present moment.

We run workshops to invite busy bees like yourself to take time out and spend time at our atelier, an urban sanctuary for some ‘me’ time. Indulge and focus on the creative art at hand - focus in the present - learn how going slower will help achieve a clear mind.

Join us at our workshops, slow down and be present. You will be surprised how much you can achieve.